Visiting Professorship in Hospital Medicine Program

Mission Statement – “To foster, nurture and create mutually beneficial exchanges of junior faculty in Hospital Medicine.”


Teaching and mentorship are essential measures of success for academic hospitalists. For mid-career faculty, advancement is tied to knowledge sharing, while early-career faculty benefit from the wisdom and experience of their senior colleagues.

A unique model of professional exchange, the Visiting Professorship in Hospital Medicine Program (ViP) supports the development of faculty on both ends of the career spectrum. Academic hospitalists who are assistant- or associate-level professors partner with institutions within the ViP network to provide mentorship to early-career faculty, facilitating the sharing of ideas, skills, innovation and opportunity.

To widen the reach of ViP beyond the successful pilot program, SHM will support its expansion to several new institutions. Participation is currently limited to facilities affiliated with SHM’s Academic and Research Committees. However, once the details of ViP are refined, enrollment will be opened to additional hospital groups.


The ViP promotes reciprocal mentorship among institutions within the ViP network. Each site is expected at some point to both host and sponsor a visiting professor, with the goals of:

  • Improving patient care through the dissemination of the best ideas in hospital medicine
  • Developing junior faculty and a pipeline for future leaders in hospital medicine
  • Diminishing the rate of academic burnout by providing enhanced experiences and sustainability for mid-career hospitalists

Candidates for visiting professor (VP) must be assistant or associate professors, eligible for promotion, with a track record of scholarly, clinical or administrative activity worth sharing. The VP should also be likely to benefit from national exposure, from mentoring others, or from being mentored



A Site Lead at each network site submits profiles of up to four qualified candidates for inclusion in the VP pool. Site Leads must have a strong familiarity with the needs, accomplishments, knowledge and skills of their participating faculty, as well internal needs that could be supported by an external VP.

The profiles are reviewed, and Site Leads who find a strong match for the needs of their early-career faculty, or other institutional priorities, request a visit from that VP. The Site Leads from both institutions collaborate to set goals and an agenda that could include grand rounds, group meetings, and other key activities to be fulfilled during the visit.

Next Phase

The Visiting Professor (ViP) in Hospital Medicine Program is a collaborative initiative of the following faculty:

Currently, ViP is open only to network Institutions. Once SHM’s Research and Academic committees have worked through the details necessary to roll out the program to a wider audience, other institutions will be invited to participate.

For more information, or to inquire about joining ViP in the future, please contact Jan Bowman, [email protected].